I'm trying to use a GP410U-5021 Trackpad. Thank you for making
that happen.
I cannot wake the computer from sleep.
Windows 7 Ultimate.
I plugged in the trackpad.  Put the computer to sleep.
The trackpad won't wake it up.
I rebooted multiple times at each step of this experiment.

I installed the Cirque_GlidePoint_3_7_3.exe drivers and app.
Still won't wake the computer from sleep.
I went through every device in device manager including
HID devices and mice and keyboards to set every device that had the
option to allow this device to wake the computer.
Still won't wake the computer from sleep.

I unplugged the Cirque and plugged a wired USB mouse into
the same USB socket.
That mouse wakes the computer with zero configuration required.

I unplugged that and plugged in the receiver dongle for an ancient 
Microsoft wireless mouse 5000.  That mouse wakes the computer
just fine.

I repeated the process on a different windows 7 computer with the same results.

I was unable to make it wake on a windows 10 computer either,
but I don't have precise records of all that I tried.

What's the secret to making the trackpad wake the computer from
Hello, ham789

I will look into this. 

Are you using a Desktop or Laptop? Some (most) laptops actually turn off the power to the USB port when going to sleep. 

While you are waiting for me to ask around here, can you please verify that the device manager properties for the module, in the power management tab, has the check box checked for allowing the device to wake the computer?


Thanks for the response.
This is a desktop computer.
The port is powered in sleep.  I verified by plugging in a LED that stays lit.
The wired mouse in the same port wakes the computer.
A USB wireless dongle with a Microsoft wireless mouse wakes the computer.

In device manager there's a mouse entry for
HID compliant mouse
Mice and other pointing devices
Manufacturer Microsoft
Location: on GlidePoint 1.7 USB Smart Cat
The checkbox to wake the computer is checked in the Power Management tab.

There's an entry in Human Interfaces Devices for
GlidePoint 3.7 USB Smart Cat

Device type Human Interface Devices
Driver Cirque
Manufacturer: Cirque
Location: Port_#0001.Hub_#0007
There is no power tab, so I can't check a box to wake the computer

There's a second entry in the HID group for the cirque with the
same HID/VID with a microsoft
driver  6.1.7601.1754 that does have a power management tab and the
box to wake is checked.

If you need more precise data, I'll need to know exactly which category
I'm supposed to be looking at.


Some Cirque products do support remote wake, and some don't.  So it is quite possible that specific product doesn't.  If so, very sorry about that.

In terms of the setup inside the PC, Microsoft has made this a bit of a moving target, and I'm pretty sure somethings released as part of Win 10 make it into updates of Win 7.  So let me say that generally, the requirements are that power must be maintained, and remote wake must be allowed.

It sounds like you have done a thorough and complete job of making sure the port stays powered.  Although I would point out that Windows can decide to do different things with the port depending on what device is plugged into it.

When I'm checking out this stuff, in addition to anything the driver supports--which is usually nothing for power management--I do this.  I open device manager and find my device.  After I have found it, I unplug it and plug it in again and watch it come and go, just to be sure it is really the right device.  (Of course you can't do that with an internal device.)  Then I select the device and switch View/Devices by connection.  (Having the device stay visible and selected is a Win 10 feature that might not be propagated to Win 7.  If my device doesn't stay visible I have to find it, which can be quite tough.)  The reason for finding my device in this view, is that I want to see all the upstream devices and see if they have any settings I need to fix.

When I do this with my "Dell Touchpad" which happens to be a Cirque/|Alps PS2 device, I can see that there are no power settings on it, nor are there any on the LPC controller above it.  (The next device up is PCI Root and that is past far enough.)

When I do this with another device--USB "HID-compliant mouse" this time, there is a Power Management tab on the device itself, with check boxes for Allow to turn off AND Allow to wake.  This is true for the mouse device, AS WELL as the "USB Input Device" above it.  IMPORTANTLY, it is also true for the "Generic USB Hub" and "USB Root Hub" above that.  As I recall, you must have Allow to turn off NOT checked for the entire path--all devices from the device itself to the root hub, and you must have the mouse itself with Allow to wake checked, in order for remote wake to work.

As I said, I'm not sure how much Win 7 has been updated to this (somewhat) reasonable behavior, but the general strategy is good.

As I recall, if the device itself doesn't support remote wake, the Allow to wake check box won't be there on the device.  (I'm not sure about when it is grayed out--I think this is if it is expected to be powered down so it can't.)

And--caveat--it is quite possible some device above doesn't work as well as advertised.  As Scott points out, some systems power down ports whether you want them to or not.  Some systems keep ports powered so they can be used to charge, but power cycle them at some point, which resets a device so it no longer has remote wake enabled.  (As I said, I think you excluded this possibility already in this case.)

Do you know if the touch pad wakes the computer when the button (left mouse) is pressed?
Could you please explain exactly how you put the computer to sleep? Do you select Sleep from the Power menu on the Start icon?

Also, how do you try to wake up the computer by the touchpad? By touching the touchpad surface or by pressing a touchpad button?

I put the computer to sleep by:
Selecting sleep at the start menu.
Pressing FN-F11 on the keyboard.
Letting the computer sleep all by itself after timeout
selected in the power options control panel.
All three have the same result...can't wake from sleep
by Cirque touchpad.
In all cases, a wired USB mouse can easily wake the
computer.  I don't have any other USB touchpads to try.

To wake I've tried:
Pressing every button on the Cirque.
Pressing combinations of buttons.
Long-pressing one or more buttons.
Tapping the touchpad all over. with combinations
of one/two/three fingers...repeatedly.
Pressing buttons by while tapping the pad.
Chastising it in a stern voice.

Although the urge is strong, I've not tried
throwing it on the floor and stomping it repeatedly
until my stress level subsides.

If I unplug the Cirque USB plug, the computer wakes.
IF I press the power button on the chassis, the computer wakes.
If I press a button on the wired USB mouse, the computer wakes.
The only thing that doesn't wake the computer is the Cirque
GP410U -5021 touchpad buttons or touch.

I've tried all this on a second windows 7 system with the
same result.
I even tried reinstalling windows 7 and not installing anything
else but the Cirque drivers.
No help.

Here's the info from device manager, devices by type.

Intel(R)ICH10 Family USB Universal Host Controller -3A36
            This lists a Cirque driver
   USB Root Hub
              This lists a Microsoft driver 6.1.7601.17514 dated 2006
      GlidePoint 3.7 USB Smart Cat (PinnacleAG)
            HID Keyboard Device
                  This lists a Microsoft driver 6.1.7601.17514 dated 2006
            HID Compliant Device
                   This lists a Microsoft driver 6.1.7601.17514 dated 2006
             HID Compliant Mouse
                    This lists a Microsoft driver 6.1.7601.17514 dated 2006

All three of the devices have a power management tab with
allow to wake machine checked. 
For all three, the option to allow the computer to turn off this
device is greyed out and not selectable.
The USB Root Hub does have a clickable box to allow
turnoff, but it is not checked.
All three have the correct hardware Ids

It's odd that the individual devices don't show Cirque drivers
Not clear why there's a keyboard device at that location.

Hi Ham789,

Its sounds like unfortunately this GlidePoint trackpad is not fully compatible with your configuration. I'm sorry that we don't have a solution that meets all of your needs. You are welcome to keep the trackpad free of charge, or if you would like to return it we can arrange that also. I am going to close this thread, but feel free to send me a private message if you have any additional questions. 

Ethan @ Cirque