This page contains information and technical support details for Cirque's legacy retail products and desktop retail products offered by Cirque partners.:

For support for built-in notebook PC trackpads, please contact your notebook manufacturer.
I would like to share my recent experience with a Cirque Easy Cat in hopes it might help someone.  One of my clients had me upgrade them to a new laptop and I had totally missed their 20 year old Cirque serial Easy Cat.  I did the usual (docks, adapters, etc.) and finally found that the one adapter that would work was no longer available.  The only option was to upgrade to USB but Kinesis was totally shut down due to Covid-19.  I'm now a month into this and cannot find anywhere outside Europe to get this guy.  A last desperate search led me to Office Relief, San Leandro, CA.  I called immediately and they were amazing.  Within an hour I had my new Easy Cat on the way and the price was great.  I wanted to let folks know that in this environment they can find great vendors for these products.